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Assessment Center

We help you hire the best talents for your organization.

Assessment Center

We help you hire the best talents for your organization.

Assessment Center

We help you hire the best talents for your organization.


Make the right selection

atrain understands identifying the best people for your organization is of crucial importance to your business success. For that reason, we offer Assessment Center which enables you to make sound selection decisions based on behavioural observation in real-life business simulations.

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What is an Assessment Center

Assessment Center is scientifically proven to be one of the best selection processes to predict future job performance. It is also perceived by candidates, including unsuccessful job applicants, to be one of the fairest selection tools. In an Assessment Center, candidates are confronted with a wide range of challenging work situations. While candidates try to come to grip with these critical situations, trained assessors will observe and assess their performance. An Assessment Center will generate comprehensive profiles about candidates' competencies, values, knowledge and experience to provide a solid basis for decision-maker.

Unique characteristics of atrain's Assessment Center

atrain develops and customizes selection processes to cater your specific selection needs. By working and communicating closely with you, we always ensure our Assessment Center can identify the candidates who fit with the job role as well as your corporate culture, values and vision. In addition to business cases and role-plays, we also employ cutting-edge computer simulations to create an intense experience that elicits candidates' behaviors under stress. That way, it would be your least priority to worry whether the candidate its being genuine.

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Benefits For the Organization

  • Better selection decisions
 equals improved leadership performance
  • Reduced risk of low performance and leadership derailment
  • Accelerated development of
 High Potentials

Improved Leadership Performance

Benefits For the Individual

  • Awareness regarding personal strengths, development areas, and potential
  • Opportunity to define realistic career goals and concrete development plans
  • Reduced risk of experiencing personal derailment

Engagement & Retention