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A Global Company

atrain is a premium consultancy in leadership solutions and organizational development. Headquartered in Germany, we are a multinational company that serves clients worldwide through our offices in Europe, United States, South America and Asia.

Based on principles in applied psychology and utilizing cutting edge techniques, we offer you solutions that address your specific needs. We explore and research on innovative concepts, and help you to cultivate the company culture you envisage. Contact us to find out more about how we might support you in designing and implementing holistic people strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you to discover your talents and develop your people. We do this by offering practical solutions to your selection and development challenges.

But we do not just offer solutions; we go the extra mile to find out what your goals are and tailor our solutions to your organization’s needs. Together with you, we work out...

  • What you wish to achieve
  • What precisely you need to realize your goals
  • What the context is, e.g. budget and management culture
  • Who will be involved, and
  • How success will be measured

In close collaboration, we will develop the concept, plan for the implementation and support you in rollout. By applying efforts to areas that are relevant to your goals, we will help you and your business to generate quantifiable returns on your investments.

Our People

Margaret Marras

Margaret is the Managing Director for atrain Latin America. She has over 18 years of experience as senior executive in global organizations; additionally she is an experienced coach and facilitator for change management, leadership, and organizational development conducting workshops, assessments and development centers across different countries and cultures.

  • Brazilian origin
  • Degree in Psychology and Business Administration
  • International MBA in Business Strategy at USP, Vanderbilt, Lion and London City Universities


Check some of our study cases and what our clients says about our services

Case Studies

Pharmaceutical company

Implementation of a global talent management program in a large pharmaceutical company, including consulting and alignment workshops for HR and line managers in all five regions, training and Development Center design and facilitation, workshop facilitation

Engineering company

Design and implementation of a comprehensive performance and talent management program for a global engineering company, including performance management and talent management process, world meeting facilitation, leadership training and Development Centers.

Renewable energy

Design and implementation of a global talent management program in a renewable energies company, including consulting and alignment workshops for the executive board, HR and line managers, Development Center, training, etc.


Decision Maker:

"Went very well, I like the structure and the way the candidate has to interact on his/her feet. Believe that the role of the people interacting with the candidate very important, i.e. they have a very important role to create "problems" for the candidate, it’s live and thus we get a sense of the candidate under pressure. Important we have minimum 2 candidates to get a balance."

Decision Maker:

"I liked the process very much. It gives you a different angle to shed light on a candidate. Interviews are a pure question and answer sessions, which is ok to probe the technical knowledge. For the behavioral/soft skills, it is definitely an added value to see the candidate in action. The process was well structured."

HR Head:

“The methodology atrain uses is data proven, and the professionalism has been spotless. What makes atrain special is that they create or fine-tune simulations according to the company needs. They do not push for a set list of standard exercises but they customize everything to mirror reality and be as close as possible to real job situations. In our most recent AC, we saved the company thousands of dollars by making an informed decision to which candidate to hire that is a good fit for our culture and has potential for future growth.”